Songkok Emas To' Bone

Songkok Emas To' Bone made of gold thread, in the old days, only worn by the kings of Bone and his family.

At present, a head covering is more often part of traditional male dress suit Bugis Bone, South Sulawesi, which is used to show custom or customary feast. But the material is not of gold thread, but from the leaves of pandanus or palm leaves.

Special kings and nobles, used ornaments of gold yarn. Increasingly thick layer of gold, the higher the degree of the wearer.

And now, to wear a Songkok Emas To' Bone, need not be a king or nobleman first. Anyone can, as long as willing to pay more for a Songkok To Bone, made of pure gold-plated skull.

The thicker the yarn woven gold, the price is more expensive.

Yellow Chili Makassar

Original Clothing Toraja

Suling Toraja Mini

Tau Tau Toraja

Tau Tau miniature doll is unique,
The original product of Toraja land,
Tau Tau original size dolls are often used in traditional royal feast Toraja land,


only to serious buyers

Motorcycle Vespa Antique Collection

Vitality Herbal Sanrego

Serbuk Kampung Sanrego is Jamu Herbal for Men Vitality, made of wood root pokisan or so-called timber Sanrego (lunasia amara blancho),
type of wood is commonly found in eastern Indonesia, particularly from the Village Sanrego - Bone County,
place of origin of raw materials of herbal medicine this herb.
Serbuk Kampung Sanrego
has a property as a tonic for men.
Traditionally this Serbuk Kampung Sanrego gives rise to increase sexual arousal, treat malaria, diabetes, back pain, urinary smooth and snake bites.

Efficacy Sanrego timber was discovered accidentally by a farmer in the village Sanrego Bone Regency South Sulawesi.

At first the farmer tethered his horse in the bushes by chance this horse takes one plant timber and an hour later the horse became aggressive.
The farmer then took then try to drink boiled water and experience the extraordinary powers such as these stallions.
Later on the village community meetings, the wood was given the name Wood Sanrego.

  • Treating disease impotence 
  • Treating diabetes Add vitality to male / female in an intimate relationship 
  • Treating malaria 
  • Removing the toxins in the blood / include snake bites 
  • Respiratory therapy . 
  • Enhance cell growth and metabolime blood flow in many layers of tissue found on the genitals of men and women

How to drink jamu herbal Serbuk Kampung Sanrego is by way of brewing.
One tablespoon of Serbuk Kampung Sanrego with a glass of hot water,
stir and let stand for 5 minutes. Strain the water (steeping water can be mixed with honey and egg yolk).  
The waste can be reused until the bitter flavor is lost (up to 3 times).
The waste can be reused until the bitter flavor is lost (up to 3 times).

Serbuk Kampung Sanrego
price for 1 box of 5 sachets = Rp. 299 000, - (franco Makassar).
For shipments outside Indonesia Makassar and beyond, plus the shipping cost based on location of destination.

Original Parang Toraja

Parang Toraja Original is original traditional weapons, from Toraja
already been used in traditional party,warriors from the Land of Toraja

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only to serious buyers
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Herbal Akar Kayu Kuning - Jamu Obat Untuk Sakit Ginjal

Jamu Akar Kayu Kuning (arcange flava merr) its main purpose is to destroy kidney stones and bladder stones eliminate interference and can also cope with other illnesses such as:
lumbago, malaria, intestinal worms, fever, difficulty sleeping (insomnia), poor appetite, jaundice, menstruation is not smooth, normalize blood pressure, rheumatic, gout and diabetes.
It can also be used as a tonic enhancer strength to body tired and stiff.

Medicinal Herbs can be consumed for children and adults.

For pregnant women should not drink this Jamu  Akar Kayu Kuning .

Price per box of 5 sachets Rp. 199 000, - (franco Makassar)

For shipments outside the city of Makassar and abroad, plus the cost of postage according to destination location.

Sinjai Energy Drinks

Original Energy drinks and Vitality from Sinjai, South Sulawesi - Indonesia.
Suitable for anyone.
Especially for men, can increase endurance and maintain an erection capabilities.
Made from a mixture of original pieces Sinjai, advocates, durian, jackfruit and plus 40 kinds of secret herb spices.

Order now.
Price Rp.. 75.000, - per dos, the contents of 2 bottles of 300ml.
Franko Makassar, not including postage outside the city of Makassar
other countries.