Herbal Akar Kayu Kuning - Jamu Obat Untuk Sakit Ginjal

Jamu Akar Kayu Kuning (arcange flava merr) its main purpose is to destroy kidney stones and bladder stones eliminate interference and can also cope with other illnesses such as:
lumbago, malaria, intestinal worms, fever, difficulty sleeping (insomnia), poor appetite, jaundice, menstruation is not smooth, normalize blood pressure, rheumatic, gout and diabetes.
It can also be used as a tonic enhancer strength to body tired and stiff.

Medicinal Herbs can be consumed for children and adults.

For pregnant women should not drink this Jamu  Akar Kayu Kuning .

Price per box of 5 sachets Rp. 199 000, - (franco Makassar)

For shipments outside the city of Makassar and abroad, plus the cost of postage according to destination location.